June 8, 2011

Lemony Flutter

Hey guys,

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, my nails aren't in their best shape and today I broke 2 nails, just because I was in a rush at work. That's also a reason I haven't posted, work is just really time consuming at the moment and I'm really glad when I get home to relax.

So, I wanted to talk to you guys about my FAVOURITE nailcare product, which is Lush' lemony flutter. This stuff is amazing! My cuticles are in perfect condition, and my nails are even getting a lot stronger. They used to tear a lot and they were very brittle.

Like the name says, it's packed with lemons and it's smells like lemon ice-cream. It also had Shea butter, mango butter, lemon oil and even lavender oil. When you get it onto your cuticles and nails the butter melts because of your body temperature. I always rub it in with my pointer finger and thumb and just let it sink in. I does let you have very greasy hands, so I use it before I go to bed.

I'm a person that likes to use large quantities of everything, maybe because I believe it'll work even better then! And I am quite happy to say that you really really only need a small amount of this stuff. I've had my 50 grams since december and I think that I didn't even use up a quarter of what is in the pot. I even think I can't use it all up in a year.

You can buy this product in every Lush store, or on their website, for 9,95 euros. I'll be posting swatches again very soon!


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