May 24, 2011

China Glaze - Papaya Punch

Hi you guys!
Sorry for not posting for a few days, had a busy weekend. I finally got my China Glaze order last friday, and I immediately put on Papaya Punch. It's not really a neon orange, but it's a really in your face creme though. I really like it! It's the perfect summer colour. The formula is a bit thick though, and pretty hard to apply, it streaked a lot.
Sooo here I have the swatches!

Thankfully I took these pictures in the weekend because another nail broke. So I decided to file them all short :(. As soon as they've grown a little I'll swatch 108 degrees ^^.


  1. Looks lovely :) I thought about getting this one, but didn't. I might go back and grab it. :P

  2. @Liz
    I love it a lot. It's a little brighter than in the pictures though..